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Mold Remediation

Crawl spaces are one of the most common areas of mold growth in the home. Many families rarely if ever peek into their crawlspaces. This means mold problems are often not discovered until the problem has already grown to a significant size.

Mold remediation is necessary in cases where significant growth is present. Mold remediation involves special equipment, chemicals, and cleaners to remove existing mold and prevent future growth. Sealed crawl spaces change the environment and make for clean, dry spaces.

Mold grows whenever the following three things are present: moisture, excessive humidity, and organic materials to feed off of. Typically, these three things can be found inside of a crawl space environment which isn’t sealed off from the outside world.

An un-sealed crawl space lets in an abundant amount of moisture whenever it rains, or when there is melting snow on the property. This moisture gets inside, and mixed with high humidity levels and organic materials, mold thrives.

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