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Insulation Services

Attic & Crawl Space Insulation Services for Your Home

Insulation projects are often focused on exterior walls and attics. While insulating these areas is important, homeowners can also save money on their heating (and cooling) costs if they insulate the crawl space. For homes without basements and those with unheated cellars, adding insulation can bring heating costs down.

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Attic Insulation

If your home was built before 1980, it may well be under-insulated by today’s efficiency standards. Bringing attic insulation levels up to 21st century standards of efficiency can result in major savings in the form of lower utility costs.

Your attic crawl space can contribute to heat loss and gain. In the summer, heat gathers above your house and transfers to the rooms below. In the winter, the heat your furnace supplies can transfer into the crawl space, which forces your heating system to work harder. Both scenarios result in increased energy bills.

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Crawl Space Insulation

So why is there a need to invest in a part of your house that no one’s ever going to see? Because without some attention a crawlspace can not only lead to uncomfortable drafts and cold feet but also moisture issues that could damage the structure of quality of your indoor air. This can seriously affect how you live.

The US Department of Energy recommends that crawl spaces are sealed and insulated. At CrawlSpace Work, we can help you choose affordable insulation options that will keep your crawl space functioning at top efficiency.

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