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Solve your crawl space moisture, mold, and structural problems

A crawl space moisture or water problem can cause health, safety, and comfort issues in your home, such as mold, rotted floor joists, or a pest infestation. The best way to prevent these problems is with crawl space encapsulation, moisture control, and waterproofing.

Don’t forget about all of the rats, snakes, spiders, mice, skunks, and other animals that can get inside your crawl space when it’s not sealed off, as well. These creatures can live and die under your home, and as you can imagine, this isn’t a good thing for your home’s indoor air quality.

Crawl Space Access Wells/Doors

CrawlSpace Work can replace old rusting and rotting access doors and vents that invite moisture, termites, and other pests into your crawlspace.

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Crawl Space/Attic Insulation

Bringing attic insulation levels up to 21st century standards of efficiency can result in major savings in the form of lower utility costs.

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Crawl Space Encapsulation & Dehumidification

Vented crawl spaces have a negative impact on your indoor air quality as most of the air in your home originates in the crawl space.

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Mold Remediation

Many families rarely if ever peek into their crawlspaces. This means mold problems are often not discovered until the problem has already grown to a significant size.

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Structural Wood/Foundation Repair

Typically, foundation problems are caused from poor soil conditions around a home or bad construction materials or techniques being used during the time when your property was built.

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Vapor Barrier

Water or moisture present in crawl spaces can lead to further damage, and pose health risks due to mold, pests, or poor air quality.

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